Reporting Made Easy

Meeting reporting needs (pay-for-performance, outcomes, quality, grants, etc.) is essentially free when clients do the data entry as part of normal operations. Basic reporting can be defined in reporting templates and viewed through a PTI Dashboard app. For studies and broader analysis, export the patient data or automatically populate a data warehouse in real time. Combine the patient data with clinical and financial data, and perform a full statistical analysis.

Clients Do The Data Entry

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It’s hard to overstate the advantages of using patient self-report to do data entry as part of normal operations. Once patient data is in an electronic format it’s easy to utilize it for screening analysis and reporting. Adding questions to the screening protocol for safety, performance, health confidence, satisfaction, etc. pulls this information without any extra effort. Using this information for other reporting needs is a valuable asset.


Dashboard Access For Basic Screening Analysis

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The PTI Dashboard app can be used for basic analysis. Template reports can be setup to access summary reporting result, 24/7. Simple frequency tables and charts can provide valuable insight into your patient population. You can also monitor safety, quality and risk measures, as well as performance and satisfaction. Managing with data is a powerful tool.


Data Warehouses and Exporting Data

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The PTI Data Exchange can be configured to route screening and report data to an in-house data warehouse database in real-time. You can route any portion, or all of the practice’s data in the PTI Data Center into the data warehouse. Alternatively you can access the PTI Data Center through a management account and export the desired data directly. Either way your data is always available.


Combine With Other Data Sources For In-Depth Analysis

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For in-depth analysis combine your patient data with financial data from your practice management system, as well as clinical data from your EMR. Merging your data from these key performance areas give you a full view of what is working and what is not. Use a statistical analysis package like SAS or SPSS for these types of analysis.

Screening Analysis and Reporting Image