Seamless Implementation

Screening needs to be implemented without adversely impacting staff and patient flow. Beyond the obvious savings from patients doing the data entry, computer-based screening and assessment can deliver a whole lot more. Automatically initiate a logic-based screening interview, administer it at-home or in-the-office, and get results and analysis in the EMR, data warehouse or HIE, all in real-time. Seamless integration lowers costs and gets staff out of the loop.

Logic-Based Screening Interviews

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Whether combining simple clinical measures (PHQ-9, AUDIT-10, etc.) or doing in-depth computer assessment (QPD, BHI2, etc.), a screening interview asks a question and then uses logic to figure out which question to ask next. Error-free scoring, analysis and generation of chart ready, trended reports, requires logic as well. Start with simple paper measures, replace staff with app logic, and basic paper screening becomes seamless, real-time, computer-based assessment. There is no extra work for staff and providers get access to vital patient information that they normally do not have time to gather.


Full EMR and Data Integration

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Setup a patient data communications hub using a PTI Data Exchange service. Patient information from the EMR is used to compose screening interviews tailored to each patient. Administered at-home or in-the-office, screening results are automatically calculated, results trended and reports generated. Summary notes, reports and data are sent in real-time to the EMR as lab results, to a data warehouse for analysis or to an HIE. Data Exchange makes the process seamless.


At-Home or In-the-Office

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It is now easier than ever to administer screenings before a visit, reaching patients at-home using email, portals and personal apps. This requires no staff involvement and has zero impact on patient flow. If the screenings are not completed before the visit, or are too sensitive to administer outside the office, then they can easily be completed in-the-office using tablets, kiosks or the patients smartphone. Whether administered at-home or in-the-office, screenings are seamlessly queued up and the results delivered where needed, in real-time.


seamless implementation