Patient Tools FAQs






Q. How can assessments realistically save me time?

The assessments that we offer are self-administered by the patient and automatically scored, producing the results in seconds. They involve no more staff time than queuing up a screening for a patient and then handing them a tablet.


Q. How many patients really need screening services?

In general a relatively small percentage of patients will have out-of-range results, but that is not the reason for screening. Screening is intended to systematically check for issues that the patient can reliably self-report. Some checks would be performed normally was part of the visit and others you simply do not have time to fit in. In either case the patient is doing the data entry, saving you time and reliably gathering the full breadth of information at every visit. This has the added benefit that more complete information improves system quality which can drive down overall cost.





Q. Why do you recommend using tablets?

Patient Tools apps run on Apple iPad/iPhone, Android tablet/phone and PC tablet/kiosk both In the Office and At Home. In the Office, patient flow and access considerations point to using tablets over kiosks. Kiosks have space and queuing issues, while tablets have a greater possibility of theft. Considering all the factors the smaller footprint, mobility and scalability of simply handing out tablets, make tablets the recommended implementation.



Data Security


Q. How do you provide HIPAA compliance?

Beyond the typical measures of user name and password authentication using 256-bit encrypted communications (similar to online banking), Patient Tools implements two significant additional measures. First, we “de-identify” all data by storing all Protected Health Information (PHI) inside the client’s firewall, creating a patient code for any data that goes to the Patient Tools’ servers. Second, integrated security for all access to the Patient Tools’ servers uses device-specific signatures to lock any account to one known valid location. Attempts to login from any other location is automatically rejected. These two additional measures provide a superior level of security for all Patient Tools’ clients.





Q. What types of training are available?

Patient Tools has extensive debug & support capabilities incorporated in its system so typically all installation and training is handled by phone or Go-to-Assist. Training usually revolves around three areas:





Q. Can I create my own individual patient reports?

Individual patient reports are setup in a configurable format that mirrors the Electronic Patient Interview. Generally we can produce an individual patient report that meets your needs, configured for any specific location.





Q. Can I get reimbursed for administration of assessments?

While the primary reason to use Patient Tools is to save time (dollars) while getting more in-depth information, you can potentially get reimbursed for administering assessments as well. Assessments provide a higher level of documentation, which can enable you to code at a higher level.



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