PTI Data Exchange Communications Hub

DescriptionTriple Red Dash

Connected to the PTI Data Center, PTI Data Exchange is the communications hub for In-the-Office apps. It manages PHI processing for apps, coordinates launches, manages remote printing and handles communications with the local EMR/EHR, data warehouse and HIE as needed. Each app must authenticate with the PTI Data Center before PTI Data Exchange will respond to it and then each app is locked with a signature, refusing all unauthorized communication. PTI Data Exchange runs as a web-based service or can be installed locally within your IT network.


Key FeaturesTriple Red Dash

  • Manage connections to PTI Data Center, PHI database, EMR/EHR and HIEs
  • Manage In-the-Office app connects and PHI processing
  • Manage print and launch queues
  • Setup transaction definitions
  • Logs to monitor events, errors, triggers, transactions and requests
  • Restart triggers, transactions and requests if needed
  • Web-based or local service
  • Patient Tools login required

AvailabilityTriple Red Dash

  • PTI Data Exchange Service or Web Application
  • PTI Data Exchange Server edition
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