PTI Front Desk App to Manage Clients

DescriptionTriple Red Dash

The PTI Front Desk App is the control center for the Patient Tools interview system In the Office. Front Desk staff can access and manage patient profile information including At Home schedules and connections. They can manage results or queue up administrations on the Launch List of connected PTI Office devices. When participating in a Community Model, staff can use PTI Front Desk to manage patient flags and referrals.


Key FeaturesTriple Red Dash

  • Profile Launch view
  • Profile Detail view
  • Profile Schedule view
  • Profile Connections view
  • Pending Requests view
  • Pending Flags & Referrals view
  • Screening List view
  • Launch List view
  • Data Exchange integration
  • Patient Tools login required

AvailabilityTriple Red Dash

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play
  • Microsoft Azure
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PTI Front Desk Tablet 1PTI Front Desk Tablet 2