PTI Public App for Profile Access

DescriptionTriple Red Dash

Use the PTI Public app to login to a profile from any location that provides access (libraries, schools, health fairs, etc.) or through a branded PTI Portal. Just like using the PTI Personal app, anyone can do screenings and activities, and manage their profile connections, schedule and setup information. The PTI Public app comes preloaded with the How’s Your Health (HYH) content package, an excellent pro-active health assessment covering child, adolescent, adult and geriatic patients.


Key FeaturesTriple Red Dash

  • Login from public locations
  • Do screenings and activities
  • Manage Connections
  • Manage Schedule
  • Manage Reports, Flags & Referrals
  • Manage Profile setup information
  • Preloaded with How’s Your Health

AvailabilityTriple Red Dash

  • PTI Toolkit (being converted to app format)
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