Data Sharing

The ultimate goal of a screening program is to get the clients that need it, into the appropriate services. Think of the process like a four stage funnel. Clients are screened at the top of the funnel. A percentage of those screened will flag. A percentage of those that flagged will be referred. Finally a percentage of those referred will receive services. Being able to share data, measuring the percentages at each stage provides the data you need to manage the program.

Measuring Reach

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The percentage of clients screened drives your program. Ultimately you want to reach 100% of your population. Online, clinics, centers, etc., you need to know what is working and where to concentrate your efforts. And if you make changes, you need to be able to measure their affect.


Performance Tracking

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Beyond screening rates, your population will determine the percentage of flags. How the flags are handled is the next point where you can concentrate your efforts. What percentage were referred and ultimately made it to services is dependent on both the providers and the clients. Do you need more training and TA for the providers or education and engagement programs for the clients. The data points you in the right direction.


Program Marketing

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Transparency is a key part of any program. Establishing a program sets client expectations of provider engagement. Clinics and centers are then compelled to meet their clients expectations. Quarterly publication of performance data gets everyone’s attention and propels your program forward.


Build a Community Network

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Sharing data in a Community Network is easy. You start with a single app or portal and make connections to build out. Everyone simply manages their own clients and benefits from the shared information that gets published.

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