Electronic Screening

Similar to electronic mail and electronic medical records, electronic screening is far more effective than using paper questionnaires. For example, the cost of paper, printing and postage is eliminated, clients do the data entry, processing is automatic and results can be routed where needed. However the most beneficial aspect of electronic screening is increased reach. Not only can you reach clients at home via email, apps and portals, but you can reach clients in person at clinics, schools, agencies, centers and health fairs using a Community Network.

Reach Clients Online

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By far the most effective way to reach a client is via email with a link to an electronic screening in a portal. Anymore just about everyone has email and most can get their email on their smartphone. Security gets handled using profiles and connections that must be requested and accepted. Once the connections are made, screenings can be scheduled and automatically administered.


Reach Clients In Person

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In a Community Network, client profiles get connected across disparate organizations. Screenings done in clinics, schools, agencies, centers and health fairs for example, can be shared just as easily has screenings done online through a portal. Every organization that screens in a community becomes another potential way to reach a client.


Share Data Where It Is Needed

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Based on a client profile’s connections, results, flags and referrals can be routed to where they are needed. A Public Health nurse or call center navigator can manage flags and referrals for an online portal. A clinic can manage or share results, flags and referrals with an Early Learning Center. Getting screening data electronically from the client enables instant access and follow up.


Build a Community Network

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There is no grand plan required to build a Community Network. You can start with a single app or portal and make connections to build out. Everyone simply manages their own clients and benefits from shared information through their connections.

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