Meet Reporting Needs

While the primary reason to screen is to meet clinical requirements, having the data electronically enables analysis and statistical reporting to be accomplished with a few more clicks. Also consider that since you are already gathering patient input, if you add questions to the screening protocol around health confidence, safety, performance, satisfaction, etc., you can meet a spectrum of other reporting needs.

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Details vary across programs, but monetary incentives are being offered for quality, process, population management, etc. that require data and reporting. Consider meeting these reporting needs with data that is collected in a screening protocol as part of normal operations. More…


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Practice Management Dashboard

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Support practice management and leadership with real-time quality, safety, performance and satisfaction data. Monitor and get ahead of personnel, safety and process issues using control charts and simple frequencies looking at metrics and measures. Track data across sites, specialties and providers and respond to the changes over time. Your data is entered by your clients and is available 24/7. More…


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Grants, Studies and Evaluations

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Develop proposal data, manage the work and do the evaluation, all part of normal operations. Organizations that use grants and studies as a revenue source can get the data to perform and evaluate their grants and studies with effectively no additional cost. With data agreements in place, grants and studies can be coordinated across organizations creating a much larger data set for data analysis. More…


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Business and Marketing Reporting Needs

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Drive program implementation, assess market perception, manage liability and make business decisions based on client data. Adding the right questions to the screening protocol allows this data to be collected along with data for clinical and other needs. Managing with data can be a powerful tool. More…