Grants, Studies and Grant Evaluation

Building on screening as part of normal operations, it’s easy to add questions to perform grants and studies and also do the grant evaluation. Clients are doing the data entry and the extra questions can be seamlessly added to the screening protocol. Simply setup the questions you need, allow some time to collect responses and then look at the results.

Develop Proposal Data

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Once you start screening electronically, if you summarize your screening data, it gives you a snapshot of your patient population. This information can be used to make proposals about process or treatment changes that you can make and study. Your operational data becomes your proposal centerpiece.


Pre Grant Evaluation

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Typically grants and studies are centered around process and treatment change and need an evaluation to validate the goals of the change. It’s easy to incorporate this evaluation into the screening process by simply adding the evaluation questions to the screening protocol. You’ll want to do an initial evaluation to measure how well things are working before the change being studied is applied.


Perform The Grant Or Study

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Use screening and assessment measures as needed during the grant or study. In formalized studies, the measures are specified for each phase of the overall study protocol. For outcomes or simple grants, you can measure at each visit and sample the measures into time periods that can be compared. With electronic data, you can track these measures in real-time, making it easy to manage the grant or study.


Post Grant Evaluation

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Once the grant or study has been completed, ask the pre evaluation questions again to measure change. Use additional questions to evaluate the grant or study overall. This information can then be used to meet the reporting requirements associated with the grant or study.