Practice Management Dashboard

The advantage of having your patient data in an electronic format is that it is available for analysis and reporting in real-time. A practice management dashboard enables leadership to monitor activity, performance, quality, safety, etc. with a few clicks. Management can make decisions based on live data.

PTI Dashboard App

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The PTI Dashboard app uses reporting definitions configured to meet the client’s needs. Typically these consist of frequency tables and charts for usage and results, and cross-tabulations and prevalence for comparisons. Multiple reporting definition views can be setup to focus on the specific details that management wants to monitor.


Data Sources

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While primarily used to access de-identified data directly from the PTI Data Center, a local data warehouse populated by PTI Data Exchange, can be used as well. However your practice decides to maintain your data, you can get easy access.


Usage Statistics

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Typically the first thing that management wants to know is how many screenings where performed, looking at how well the screening program is working. Usage statistics broken down by day, week, month, quarter or year, as well as site and station, make it easy to see where you are at.


Results Summaries

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After usage statistics, get a handle on your population. Frequency tables of screening results (pass, monitor or fail for example) broken down by age or demographic information quickly characterizes your patient population. This can help drive decisions about programs and services.


A Practice Management Dashboard Tool

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Having a handle on usage statistics and population characteristics, it’s easy to expand into other aspects. Consider monitoring questions about quality, safety and satisfactions breaking the results down by site, clinic or provider. Monitor this type of information pre or post process or facility improvements to see how effective the change has been in meeting its goals.