Business and Practice Marketing Needs

Clinical operations is the primary focus of the practice, but business and practice marketing needs can be supported as well. Add questions to the screening protocol and gather the needed information as part of normal operations.

Population Management

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Systemically, practices are being pushed to manage their patient population as a whole because it produces better health and drives down costs. From the practice perspective, managing your patient population gives you insight in programs and services that serve your patient population better, helping with market share and revenue.


Quality Management

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Entire industries, including healthcare albeit slowly, are adapting a proven manufacturing concept that higher quality can drive down overall cost. Tracking and managing quality measures needs to become part of the clinical process. To the extent that screening questions and measures can support this effort, they should be implemented.


Safety And Risk Management

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Medical errors and opioid overuse are just a couple of the major issues facing healthcare today. Asking and feeding back basic safety questions or performing and documenting a screening for opioid risk can yield tremendous insight and returns for the practice.


Performance And Satisfaction Management

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Studies have shown that providers are less likely to be sued when they show more empathy and compassion for their patients. Another study points to patients live longer when they have a female provider. Managing performance and satisfaction can produce better health and have monetary dividends as well.


Practice Marketing and Other Business Needs

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In addition to the topics above, drive program implementation, assess market perception, manage liability and make business decisions based on client data. Patient centered care is a core clinical concept, but patient centered business is what is needed in today’s environment. Managing with data can be a powerful tool.