Screening Business Case

Managing your business using client data has been shown to reduce costs and improve quality of care, but it’s tough to get paid for it. To make a screening business case, a combination of expanded scope, cost reductions and revenue enhancement needs to be used. Consider pay-for-performance incentives, reimbursement opportunities, removing paper costs, using patients for data entry and apps doing error-free calculations and producing reports into your EMR, to show a positive ROI.

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Meet Requirements

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In addition to normal clinical needs, consider expanding the screening scope to enable you to meet other business requirements. If you include the cost savings of not having to gather, data enter, analyze and report separately, quality, safety, grants, studies, outcomes, risk management, population management, marketing and other information on an on-going basis, the value of universal screening becomes obvious. These cost savings and the value they bring to the business should be included in the screening cost analysis. Learn more…


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Reduce Operational Costs

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Remove paper costs, use clients for data entry and apps for error-free calculations and report generation into your EMR. You should also consider the time and cost savings from gathering in-depth information, producing more qualified hand-offs and referrals only when they are needed. Learn more…


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Add Reimbursement

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Reimbursement varies wildly so you have to test for it, but there are generally CPT, H&B or E&M codes available that cover screening and assessment. Generally the cost to screen can be driven well below $1 per administration in volume so even Medicaid programs reimbursing at $7 per screening annually are a strong source of screening revenue. Learn more…


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Screening Business Case With Positive ROI

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When you perform a full screening cost analysis, you can offset the costs of electronic screening through scope expansion, cost reductions and revenue enhancements. A positive ROI can quickly be achieved, even with a large initial investment to interface to the local EMR. Learn more…

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