Positive Screening ROI

A positive screening ROI depends on how the business case is framed. Is electronic screening an operational cost, a replacement cost for paper screening or a screening revenue source, or some combination of these approaches. Once the frame work is set, a cost analysis can be performed to show the ROI.

Screening As An Operational Expense

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Screening guidelines and best practices make it clear that screening improves quality-of-care and helps reduce systemic costs. However, it gets fuzzy showing ROI when you integrate screening in normal operations. Screening helps generate gross revenue so an ROI analysis should take this into account.


The Advantage Of Using PTI Apps

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In general PTI App screening costs are less than the costs of staff time combined with the production costs of paper questionnaires. The primary advantage however is that data is in an electronic format and the scope of the screenings can be opened up with no extra cost. Compared to paper, PTI Apps can provide a small ROI, but more importantly they open up other sources of screening revenue.


Screening Revenue Sources

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While reimbursement is not necessarily required to show positive ROI, when you can get it, it can turn screening into a profit center. For example a proven model for IBH is for the BHC to be their own profit center and the hosting practice be a screening profit center. With typical PTI App screening costs well under $1 per administration and screening reimbursement over $7 per screening, it’s a strong source of revenue. In settings where it makes sense, pay-for-performance or grants and studies, may also provide revenue opportunities.


Positive Screening ROI Including Startup Costs

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Startup costs can make showing positive ROI a challenge. Luckily the advent of consumer tablets have driven the cost of hardware down dramatically. If you do not need an EMR/EHR interface, or are simply adding reports to the inbox of an EMR/EHR, positive ROI is easy. Unfortunately, depending on the EMR/EHR, implementing a full interface can get expensive. In these cases you will need a screening revenue source, or some other investment, to cover the interface start up costs. It may take a little work, but positive screening ROI with startup costs, is obtainable.

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