Meet Screening Requirements

Implementing screening is typically a process where each step makes screening easier. Paper screening gets replaced by electronic screening. Screening for specific measures gets replaced by universal screening. Universal screening get expanded to cover a range of business needs and reporting. The cost savings of this reporting to meet expanded screening requirements, should be included in the screening business case cost analysis.

Clinical Guidelines And Best Practices

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Meeting clinical guidelines and best practices is more than just professional ethics, its good business. Reduce cost and liability and improve quality of care. The clear guidance is around developmental delay and autism screening in early childhood, as well as depression in older age groups. Screening and patient input is at the core of patient centered care.



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As Pay-for-Performance programs get combed out to see what is effective, consider supplementing business revenue with screening information. Clients doing the data entry as part of normal operations makes these programs a good source of revenue.


Quality, Safety and Risk

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A lesson learned in car manufacturing back in the 1980’s is that higher quality can lead to lower costs. Many HCOs are applying this concept and transforming their delivery systems. Measuring quality as part of normal operations is key to making this transformation.


Grants And Studies

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Many organizations are using grants and studies as a source of revenue. Using screening to gather population information for making proposals, do pre and post assessments, as well as supporting implementation of the grant or study, are all revenue generating activities.


Marketing And Other Screening Requirements

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Patient satisfaction is just one measure that is important to your business and is more informative if measured at the point-of-service. Gathering marketing information or measuring the performance of providers and staff in real-time, are excellent sources of information for actionable day-to-day management.

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