ASQ:SE-2 Ages & Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional

Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional, Second Edition (ASQ:SE-2)

Age Range
1 – 72 Months
Avg. Duration
10 – 15 minutes
License Fee

Implement the ASQ:SE-2 using PTI Apps and Portals – Patient-centered care starts with patient input, but the process is time-consuming and costly when you use paper. Electronic screening and assessment gets staff out of the loop, using your clients as a data entry resource. Once you have client input in an electronic format, the rest is easy.


Triple Red DashEarly identification of social-emotional challenges can make all the difference to a young child. Children who exhibit inappropriate and unacceptable behaviors are seen as “troubled” or even “disabled”.


Triple Red DashThe earlier a behavioral concern is identified, the greater the chance a child has for reaching his or her full potential in life. This is the driving force behind the PTI App version of Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional, Second Edition (ASQ:SE-2™)—a parent-completed, highly reliable system focused solely on social and emotional development in young children. Accurately identifying behavior through ASQ:SE-2 paves the way for next steps—further assessment, specialized intervention or ongoing monitoring, for examples—to help children reach their fullest potential during their most formative early years.


Triple Red DashWith the typical ups and downs of young children’s emotions and behavior, delays or problems can be easily missed. And today, as more children are increasingly exposed to risk factors such as poverty or toxic stress, the likelihood of depression, anxiety, and anti-social behavior increases. There is tremendous opportunity during the first few years of a child’s life to identify and address potential social-emotional concerns. This is the heart of ASQ:SE-2.


Triple Red DashThis PTI App version of the assessment is an easy-to-use tool with all the advantages of ASQ-3—it’s cost-effective, parent-completed, and culturally sensitive. With questionnaire results (available in real-time), professionals can quickly recognize young children at risk for social or emotional difficulties, identify behaviors of concern to caregivers, and identify any need for further assessment.

ASQ:SE-2 Image


Triple Red DashTo get a comprehensive look at a young child’s development, use ASQ:SE-2 in conjunction with ASQ-3 that will provide information on a child’s general functioning in communication, motor, and cognitive areas.


Triple Red DashThe ASQ-SE2™, the bestselling Brooke’s Publishing screener, trusted for more than 20 years, is used to pinpoint challenges as it reliably screens children as young as 1 month and there are 9 age-appropriate questionnaires for ages up to 72 months. Now, even better screening for Social-emotional health using the PTI App.


Triple Red DashThe PTI App administered ASQ-SE2™ is the most economical, reliable and validated method to screen young children at risk for social or emotional challenges And with the PTI App, administering the ASQ-SE2 is even more complete, concise and cost-effective. The need for psychometrically sound, low cost screenings is essential.


Triple Red DashAbout 30 items per questionnaire. Each questionnaire takes 10–15 minutes for parents to complete. ASQ:SE-2 has been investigated with 14,074 diverse children across the age intervals and their families. Test-retest reliability is 89%; internal consistency is 84%; and validity is 83%.


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ASQ:SE-2 Clinical Report – Sample


The report shows specific scores from the assessment to be used in decision making.


ASQ:SE-2 Clinical Report Page - 1
ASQ:SE-2 Clinical Report Page - 2



ASQ:SE-2 Personal Report – Sample


This a general report given to caregivers after assessment with scores that may show further investigation is warranted.


ASQ:SE-2 Personal Report



ASQ:SE-2 Agency Report – Sample


Report statement to show an assessment has been taken and further contact will be scheduled if needed.


ASQ:SE-2 Agency Report