PHQ9-Y Patient Health Questionnaire-Youth

Patient Health Questionnaire – Youth (PHQ9-Y)

Age Range
12 – 18 Years
Avg. Duration
< 5 minutes
Public Domain

Implement the PHQ9-Y using PTI Apps and Portals – Patient-centered care starts with patient input, but the process is time-consuming and costly when you use paper. Electronic screening and assessment gets staff out of the loop, using your clients as a data entry resource. Once you have client input in an electronic format, the rest is easy.


Triple Red DashThe ever-growing risk of adolescent depression and suicide make assessing for these problems imperative. Suicide is currently one of the most prevalent killers of young people in the US. The PTI App administered PHQ-Youth assessment is a validated screening to recognize these issues, monitor and help to initiate treatment for them.


Triple Red DashFor use with patients 12-18 years old and takes less than 5 minutes to complete and score with the PTI App. This screening is recommended to be taken annually by the AAP and US Preventative Task Force.


Triple Red DashThe PHQ-Y demonstrated satisfactory sensitivity, specificity, diagnostic agreement, and overall diagnostic accuracy, compared with the clinical interview. The PHQ-Y is the first such tool to be tested for use in adolescents and offers an acceptable and efficient tool for early detection and recognition of mental disorders in this high-risk group. The Journal of Adolescent Health. Jeffrey G Johnson, Ph.D, Emily S Harris, M.D, Robert L Spitzer, M.D. Janet B.W Williams, D.S.W.

PHQ9-T Image


Triple Red DashAdditional questions on the Youth variation of the PHQ-9 (PHQ-Y) explore dysthymia, recent suicide ideation and previous suicide attempts.


Triple Red DashThe PTI App administered PHQ – Youth provides information on the severity of depression, from minimal to severe.


After being informed of HIPPA and confidentiality rights, the patient should be left alone to complete the screening.


For more information and validity information:






PHQ9-Y Clinical Report – Sample


The report shows specific scores from the assessment to be used in decision making.


PHQ9-Y Clinical Report