Screening Content Packages

We extend our screening libraries using screening content packages. Along with the questions in multiple languages, content packages add logic, graphics, audio, video, reports, instructional information and activities. Producing and implementing these content packages can be quite expensive, and they need be updated when new revisions of the screens are released. There is no extra cost to use content packages, making them a value add when using PTI Apps.


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Primary Care

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Specialty Care

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  • Pearson Assessments Media (BBHI-2, BHI-2, BSI-18, P-3)
  • COMT Media
  • FACT (G, Br, …)


Custom Content Packages

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While the above packages cover most content requests, Patient Tools has an extensive library of other measures that can be put together into a custom package. If we do not have the measure you are looking to use, we will work with you to get it programmed.


Proprietary Licensed Measures

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Note – Content vendors who own proprietary measures used in our content packages, may require an end-user license agreement (EULA) and may charge license fees. You must contract directly with a content vendor to use their licensed proprietary measures. Patient Tools is neutral when it comes to content and only charges for administering screening interviews. We have agreements with content vendors to use their content in our packages and will assist you with pricing and getting properly licensed.

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