How It Works – Using PTI Apps and Portals

Start with a single PTI app administering screenings and build out as needed. Download different types of PTI apps and connect them, to gather patient input in different settings. Using apps you are able to screen, compute results, build reports and move the information where it is needed. You can build out from a single app to a full regional or national patient data management solution, integrated with your EMR and practice management systems.

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Download and Get Connected

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Apps are available to be downloaded for Android, Apple, Windows or Kindles, or using a browser to access a portal website application. Each app connects to the PTI Data Center to download its content and process its data. In-the-Office apps also connect to a PTI Data Exchange to process PHI and other information. There is no extra cost to download and use whatever combination of apps and content packages that work best in your setting. Getting started is easy. Learn more…


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In-the-Office apps enable clients to be screened prior to seeing the provider. Typically this is done in the waiting area or after rooming, whichever works best with patient flow. Apps perform calculations, generate reports and move the information where it is needed, all in real-time. Staff can manage results, flags and referrals, and perform dashboard and performance reporting. Learn more…


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Extend reach to clients through portals and personal apps using social media profiles and connections. At-Home remote screenings get routed through the practice’s Data Exchange, just like they were performed In-the-Office. To the extent possible, practices prefer to have screenings completed prior to arriving, so time does not have to be taken out of the visit. Learn more…


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Community Networks Using Apps

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Sharing information through the PTI Data Center, the goal of Community Networks is universal screening and 100% reach. Coordinate care between agencies by sharing screenings, flags, referrals, notes, dispositions and performance metrics. Perform data mining across agencies based on data sharing agreements. Learn more…


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HIPAA Compliant and Secure

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Beyond the required security measures of passwords and data encryption, PTI adds device signatures and requires all data in the PTI Data Center to be de-identified. This makes the apps HIPAA compliant and keeps your data secure. Learn more…

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