Download And Get Connected

The Patient Tools Family of Apps have been designed to work seamlessly together. All you have to do is download and get connected. You can start with a single PTI Office App at a single screening site or in a portal, and build out from there. Connect across sites within your organization. Connect to other types of PTI Apps to manage your data. Connect through the PTI Data Center for At-Home Apps and to make connections to Community Networks. County, state and national organizations get connected as easily as a single small office or agency.

Download Apps and Content Packages

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PTI Apps are available to be downloaded for Android, Apple, Windows or Kindles, or using a browser to access them in a portal website application. Different types of PTI Apps can be downloaded to add capabilities as needed. PTI App configurations and content packages are downloaded as well. Getting started is as simple as accessing an app store, or download site, and logging in.


Connect to the PTI Data Center

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Every PTI App connects to the PTI Data Center. The PTI App must login and credential to an account and register an unique device specific signature. Once logged in, the PTI App downloads its account specific configuration information and content packages. Having securely connected to the PTI Data Center, the PTI App is then available to process data as required.


Connect to a PTI Data Exchange

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In-the-Office PTI Apps also need to connect to a PTI Data Exchange to process their PHI and other information. The PTI Data Exchange is typically available using a web-based portal service. For larger organizations, the PTI Data Exchange can be loaded on a server inside the organizations IT network. While the the PTI Data Exchange is commonly used to interface with an EMR or HIE, it’s primary function is to remove all PHI from data going to the PTI Data Center and replace it with a patient code. All data in the PTI Data Center is de-identified.


Connect To At-Home Apps And More

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With all data in the PTI Data Center being de-identified, its easy to share information with proper permissions. Permissions are controlled through connections. At-Home Apps and portal access, use profiles and profile connections to share information. Practices and agencies can direct connect profiles or agree to share de-identified data through data connections. Combining these connections forms a Community Network.


Add More Apps And Continue To Get Connected

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PTI Apps are effectively building blocks. Practices and agencies can start with a single site and build out the entire organization. Public health can connect with private health care, child care and services across counties and states. It does not matter who performs the screenings and owns the data, as long as the connections are made.

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