Patient Flow And In-the-Office Apps

When possible, it’s better for patient flow to have clients complete screenings At-Home in a portal or using a personal app. However, some portion of your patient population will still need to complete screenings In-the-Office. You also want to manage your data, profiles and connections, routing data where it is needed. In-the-Office apps connect everything together.

Screen At The Point-Of-Service

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The office is a primary screening site. Use PTI Office to screen clients prior to seeing the provider. Typically this is done in the waiting area or after rooming, whichever works best with patient flow. You can start screenings manually or from a launch list setup by a PTI Front Desk or your EMR/EHR.


Get Results In Real-Time

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The results from screenings In-the-Office, or remotely At-Home, are available in real-time. These results can be accessed in whatever combination of methods that work best. Results can be viewed in the PTI Office app with an access code or through the PTI Front Desk. More commonly, results are sent to a PTI Print Station to be printed out or saved in a file repository. If an interface has been setup, results can be sent through the PTI Data Exchange to the EMR/EHR to be viewed in the patients chart.


Manage Results And Patient Flow

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Use the PTI Front Desk app to access and manage a client’s results, flags and referrals. With permissions, setup and manage the clients At-Home profile, screening schedule and profile connections. The PTI Front Desk can also be used to setup and manage the launch list used by the PTI Office apps. It’s easy for staff to keep the office running smoothly.


Dashboard Reporting

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Use the PTI Dashboard app to monitor screening results and activities. View usage, summary results, quality and performance statistics 24/7. Learn about your patient population, evaluate implemented changes and stay ahead of issues.


In-the-Office Communications Hub

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All In-the-Office apps connect to a PTI Data Exchange. The primary purposes is to handle PHI, de-identifying data. However, handling launch lists, print queues and interfaces to other systems, PTI Data Exchange serves as the communications hub for In-the-Office apps.

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