Remote Access and At-Home Apps

Similar to social media websites, engage with clients using profiles and connections. Remote access using At-Home portals and apps, extends reach to any client that can access the Internet. Remote screenings get routed through the PTI Data Center and into a practice’s PTI Data Exchange for processing, just like they were performed In-the-Office. At-Home portals and personal apps become screening sites for a Community Network, the same as In-the-Office locations.

Profiles And Connections

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Profiles can be completely anonymous using an obscure profile name and non-identifying email account. A strong password keeps profile information secure just like other social media access. Portals and personal apps require a profile to login. With permission from the client, practices and agencies can also make profile connections to the client, and access their At-Home portal and personal app information.


Through A Portal

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For client access through a portal, brand PTI Public with your practice or agency’s logo and introductory paragraph and use a PTI Portal service. Alternatively, use an external portal like ASQ Online and connect ASQ Online clients to your clients. A third option is to remote launch clients from your EMR/EHR in a PTI Portal and link to the administrations using secure email in your EMR/EHR’s patient portal. It sounds complex, but it’s actually easy and seamless.


Using Personal Apps

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PTI Personal apps operate the same as a PTI Public app in a portal. The advantage is that you can load a PTI Personal app on your smartphone or tablet and only have to login your profile once. You can also login other profiles, say for your family members, and simply select which profile to use from a main menu. Instant access to screens and activities through a PTI Personal app is appealing to a portion of your client population.


Client Education And Engagement

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Providing screenings in a single click, question-by-question format with graphics, makes it easier for clients to use, especially on smaller format devices. Adding activities or optionally secure email where appropriate, makes At-Home portals and apps a valuable tool.

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