Telehealth Screening

As medical settings open up telehealth access, they also need telehealth screening. Reading questions and scoring measures is difficult and wastes time during a telehealth visit. The simple solution is to send an email or SMS text with a secure link to an online version of the required measures. Your patient clicks the link and completes the administration using the browser on their personal device (smartphone, tablet or PC). There is no PHI involved and the results route back to the office or into your EMR. It’s effectively the same as handing them a tablet in the clinic.

PTI Front Desk Operation

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Lookup patients in PTI Front Desk, select the measures desired, select email or SMS text and click to send them a link. It’s as simple as that. When the patient is done you can view the results from the Profile Details or Screening List tabs. A schedule can be set to send reminder as needed until the administration has been completed.


From Your EMR

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Using a bi-directional EMR interface you can bypass the PTI Front Desk and automatically send the initial notifications, as well as the reminders based on a schedule relative to the visit date. Results get automatically routed into the EMR as lab data. It’s a completely automated process using email or SMS text which is an easier and more effective way to communicate with your patients.


PTI Print Station Provides Alternate Access

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If you are not EMR interfaced, simply use a PTI Print Station app to automatically print a hard copy of the results report or automatically store the results report as a PDF in a repository directory. You can access the report PDF directly or manually import it into your EMR.


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