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Patient Tools Apps
Patient Tools apps are downloadable for Android, Apple, Kindle Fire, Windows, and accessible in a website portal. The PTI apps can be used to seamlessly connect and perform screening, care coordination and data sharing, in office, remote or across Community Networks.

In Office PTI Apps
PTI Office Icon Screening app screening application

PTI Office

Administers screenings at the point-of-service. Start from a Main Menu or launch from a PTI Front Desk or your EMR.

PTI Front Desk Icon

PTI Front Desk

Enable staff to manage profiles, flags and referrals, launch screenings and view or print reports.

PTI Print Station Icon

PTI Print Station

Used to automatically print out reports or produce PDF reports routed to an EMR/EHR inbox or a file repository.

PTI Dashboard Icon

PTI Dashboard

Used to analyze and produce statistical reports to track, monitor and manage your business processes.

PTI Data Exchange Icon

PTI Data Exchange

The communications hub for a practice or agency. Web or locally based, PTI Data Exchange connects in office apps with the PTI Data Center, PHI database (HIPAA security), local EMR/EHR, data warehouse and HIE as needed.

PTI Management Icon

PTI Management

Normally handled by Patient Tools, but if desired, the client can use the PTI Management app to setup devices, configure provider lists, customize text and set protocol schedules.

Remote PTI Apps
PTI Portal Icon

PTI Portal

Provides browser access to the PTI Apps. Typically used to implement remote screening via secure links, PTI Portal can also remote administer screenings from your EMR’s patient portal or provide seamlessly connection to external screening portals such as ASQ Online.

PTI Personal Icon

PTI Personal

Downloaded on a clients smartphone, tablet or PC, enabling clients to do screenings, activities and manage profiles for themselves and their family.

PTI Public Icon Screening app screening application

PTI Public

Enables clients to login from public locations and do screenings, activities and manage their profile. When used through the PTI Portal, practices and agencies can brand the login page and route their clients to their customized landing page.

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Screening app screening application