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BBHI-2, Brief Battery for Health Improvement 2

Age Range Domain Owner Avg. Duration Licensing
16+ Years Chronic Pain Pearson Assessments 10 Min. License Fee

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Authors – John Mark Disorbio, EdD, Daniel Bruns, PsyD


The BBHI-2 self-administered 63 multiple choice item interview is a brief, yet thorough instrument that will quickly provide relevant information of the patient’s symptoms and the psychosocial context in which they arise. Using the BBHI-2 evaluation gives insight to clinicians by assessing patients for a number of psychosocial factors that could complicate a medical condition or lead to delayed recovery using the normal course of treatment for patients being treated for chronic pain and injury.


The BBHI-2 will efficiently test for biopsychosocial issues such as depression, functionality, somatization, anxiety and is a very accurate tool for assessing the patient’s pain experience and evaluating the often over-looked depression that is comorbid with injury, pain and rehabilitation. This assessment measures pain in 10 specific areas of the body and addresses underlying psychological issues that may be inhibiting a patient’s ability to respond to treatment and helps clinicians avoid diagnostic errors. The BBHI-2 ideally is administered at intake to set a baseline and then periodically after that to assess progress.


This assessment measures with four separate scales normed by using samples from other rehabilitation patients so as to compare with groups of people in a similar situation.


Part I scores the Pain Complaints scale
Part II scores the Somatic Complaints scale
Part III scores the Defensiveness and Functional Complaints scales
Part IV scores the Depression and Anxiety scales


Fast and easy to use, the PTI App version of the BBHI-2 is an economical, reliable and validated method to screen. Questions are presented one at a time with a single click answer to advance to the next question. The question format automatically adapts to the respondents device (smartphone, tablet or PC) making the PTI App version of the BBHI-2 ideal for mobile devices.


Using PTI data services, when a questionnaire is complete it is immediately scored electronically and an in-depth report with summary and trending analysis is generated. Results can be printed, loaded into an EMR/EHR and are available as a PDF. The PTI App administered BBHI-2 also assists practices deal with the changes in medical economics and insurance requirements. The thorough report often make receiving reimbursement authorization from insurance companies more straightforward and uncomplicated. For a thorough report on the uses of the BBHI-2 from three renowned doctors in the Pain field – please see


For more information and validity information:

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Sample Reports
• BBHI-2 Clinical Report – Sample

BBHI-2 Clinical Report – Sample

The report shows specific scores from the assessment to be used in decision making.

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