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Experts in Electronic Screening and Assessment

Whether performing a simple screen or an in-depth, dynamically administered computer assessment, Patient Tools has been providing innovative solutions for over 20 years. We first developed computer assessment on tablets back in the 90’s and standardized Safe Harbor de-identification before HIPAA even existed. We can provide fully automated EMR integrated screening and most recently added managed remote screening. The new frontier is around evidence-based AI interviewing. Technology is changing how you screen and assess and we can help keep you competitive.


Content Packages Behind the Scenes

A little known advantage of using Patient Tools is that we produce hundreds of licensed and public domain screening measures into content packages saving you the time and expense to do it yourself. There is a lot to it. Creating relationships with the screening vendor, formatting for multiple languages and media, programming the calculations and reports, keeping up to revisions and performing quality control checks. Content packages, as well as updates, automatically download so all you have to do is login and go.

Dedicated Team of Engineers and Support Staff

Patient Tools doesn’t develop screening and assessment content. Instead we provide the tools and data services to integrate content from any public domain or licensed content developer. We are available for calls and emails to discuss your needs, schedule webinars and assist getting your practice installed, trained and operating smoothly.

In The News

Grand County, CO – Meeting Milestones Initiative (MMI) Success

With participation of all the screening sites in the county, the MMI program has expanded to an estimated 90% reach using PTI’s Community Network. Meeting Milestones Initiative

COMT Raises Marketing and Sales Funding

The COMT using PTI’s data services platform, has expanded their operations raising new funding for extensive marketing and sales into the Workers Comp, self-insured market.

HMG PSP Phase I Evaluation Study Completed

Help Me Group National completes Phase I Evaluation Study for the Parents Supporting Pediatrics (PSP) program with the technical evaluation being completed by PTI.

HMG PSP Phase II IPSP Prototype Build and Test Completed

PTI completes the Phase II prototype design and implementation of an Integrated Pediatric Screening Platform (IPSP) for Help Me Group National under its Pediatrics Supporting Parents grant.


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HMG PSP prototype: Trials begin October 2021, Contact Us to learn more and implement Patient Tools Dynamic Administrations.
Patient Tools AI Interviewing coming spring of 2022.
Bringing the best of machine learning and advanced algorithms to maximize value of every moment spent advancing your practice with electronic screening.
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  Experts in electronic screening and assessment with over 20 years of experience providing data services that meet your needs
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