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AUDIT-10, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

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The AUDIT -10 assessment was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to assess alcohol consumption, drinking behaviors, and alcohol-related problems and to determine if a person may be at risk for alcohol abuse problems. Alcohol use and misuse can interfere with certain medications and treatments and it is important to audit usage and record the levels of use. If you yourself, a friend, doctor, co-worker etc. has ever been concerned about alcohol use, this assessment is a reliable measure to assess usage and indicators of possible abuse.


The standard amount of drinks are what is to be reported. The AUDIT has been validated across genders and in a wide range of racial/ethnic groups and is well suited for use in primary care settings. The Audit-10 is a simple screening tool to pick up the early signs of hazardous and harmful drinking and identify mild or severe dependence. Designed to be used internationally, the Audit-10 was validated in a study assessing people from six countries.


Fast and easy to use, the PTI App version of the AUDIT-10 is an economical, reliable and validated method to screen. Questions are presented one at a time with a single click answer to advance to the next question. The question format automatically adapts to the respondents device (smartphone, tablet or PC) making the PTI App version of the AUDIT-10 ideal for mobile devices.


Using PTI data services, when a questionnaire is complete it is immediately scored electronically and an in-depth report with summary and trending analysis is generated. Results can be printed, loaded into an EMR/EHR and are available as a PDF. The AUDIT-10 is often used as part of a SBIRT protocol or as one dimension of an integrated BH screening interview.


For more information World Health Organization – Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

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Sample Reports
• AUDIT-10 Clinical Report – Sample
• IBH Report – Sample

AUDIT-10 Clinical Report – Sample

The report shows specific scores from the assessment to be used in decision making.

View PDF AUDIT-10 Report

IBH Report – Sample

This report is an integrated compilation of information gathered from two or more assessments administered.
This report will compile info from any of the following assessments administered:
PHQ-9 – GAD-7 – CAGE – AUDIT-10 – DAST-10 – PTSD-PC or the CIDI.
This master report presents scores; interpretations; recommendations; shows graphs to help clarify; and all item responses.
Other assessments can be added – consult Patient Tools to discuss fees for adding further screeners.

View PDF IBH Page 1
  IBH Page 2
  IBH Page 3



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