Screening Interview

When screening, typically several screening measures need to be administered at the same time. We combine screening measures using screening protocols. Screening protocols are logic-based and responsive to a patient’s age, history and prior answers. This enables apps to combine any number of screening measures into a single screening interview, customized to each patient. A full range of screening measures are available in content packages, making universal screening achievable with no extra staff involvement.


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Screens and Assessments

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Screening measures are typically used for detection or monitoring, but client input opportunities can be used for much more. In-depth assessment can reveal important information that providers do not have time to gather during a normal visit. Quality and safety questions support practice management and performance reporting. See what others are doing. More…


Guidelines and Best Paractices Imaage

Guidelines and Best Practices

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Implementing evidence-based screening guidance helps you meet guidelines and best practices. For example, the AAP recommends 3 developmental screenings by the age of three and 2 autism screenings in the second year. It’s not just about clinical measures, the beneficial side effect is that it helps develop parenting skills. More…


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Screening Interviews Using Screening Protocols

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Combine screening measures and perform universal screening in a single customized administration. Universal screening not only gathers all the information needed, it reduces staff time in that the apps look up previous information and compute the right combination of measures. All staff has to do is pull up the client and go. More…


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Content Packages

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Extend question libraries with logic, graphics, audio, video, reports, instructional information and activities. Producing and implementing screening interview media can be quite expensive, especially when there are a large number of questions, multiple languages, graphics, audio, video and extensive branching logic. And then there is the maintenance cost of revisions. Content packages on the other hand are already produced and maintained. There is no extra cost to use them. More…


Available Screens
  • PSC-Y
  • QPD
  • QVAS
  • SWYC
  • Vanderbilt ADHD
  • ZUNG
*And More.